Shmuel Yosef

August 25, 2015

Post #4117 – 20150825

I’ve been enjoying your books for about 30 years. Well, there was a big space in between when I was a kid and now, when I picked them up again. There were so many my library didn’t have, and now with ebooks etc… I’m able to read books I always wanted to. I suffered depression as a young kid, and still have issues, and your books really put a smile on my face when nothing else could. Thank you so much. Elijah the prophet told wise man that the only ones who will get into the Next World in the market place were two clowns, because they made the sad happy. Have divine intention, Daniel. You’ll go far with what you do. Thank you so much.

Daniel replies:

The market I use has no clowns, also the prices are too high, and the produce section is lousy.  I'd be willing to drive an hour to a market that has clowns, and better vegetables.  Thanks for your complimentary remarks--I'm glad you're enjoying my books.