August 21, 2015

Post #4107 – 20150821

this man, The Wizard of New Zealand, sounds like a man you would write:

“the city of Christchurch hosted a Wizard’s Conclave in 1995 when visiting colleagues gathered to help build a wizard’s nest on top of the university library tower, to witness the New Zealand Wizard hatching from a giant egg in the city art gallery, sky diving whilst chanting a spell for a major rugby match and performing various rituals round the city. Soon afterwards, accompanied by 42 assistant wizards, he came down by Gondola from the Port Hills with tablets bearing the address of his new web site.” (from the wikipedia article found here

Daniel replies:

I had a friend who was kicked out of the University of Illinois for wizarding on top of their library tower.  He told me he always wanted to go to New Zealand, now I see why.