August 13, 2015

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Hi, I just wrote a blog post that mentions you. I explain why a used book junkie like me will occasionally spend the money on a spiffy new book:

There are some living, publishing authors for whom I make an exception of my borrowed and used book policy. I buy their books because I really like what they write. When I can, I buy new copies of their books because they are earning a living writing and publishing books. If I buy a really good secondhand copy, the bookseller makes a small sum. If I buy a new copy, the bookseller makes a small cut, the publisher makes a small cut, and the author gets paid! What a concept!

I list these favorite living and publishing authors including this entry:

Daniel Pinkwater – Read everything you can of his. You will be a better person for it. He is ostensibly a children%u2019s author, and his books are aimed anywhere from the preschool audience to early teens. However, there is a depth and wry observation of our humanity in there that will help educate and enlighten any reader willing to let his word magic work. My favorites are his novels Lizard Music, The Neddiad, and Bushman Lives!

You can read the whole post at:

Daniel replies:

Lovely sentiment.  I'm tempted to share some observations about what happened to the publishing industry in the course of the culture-shift/corporatization, what kind of accounting shenanigans, etc., but I'll just say thanks for reading my stuff, I don't care if you acquire new or used copies, and go over to Amazon where there's a 99-cent sale of my e-titles, different one every day, all this month.