Alter Raubvogel

September 4, 2015

Post #4136 – 20150904

On a recent camping trip to a national park about four hours from home, my kids and I – ages 5.5, 8.5, 13, 15.5, 17, and 46 – listened to a few of your audiobooks. We started shortly after leaving home, and we didn’t get to the bitter end till two days later. I don’t know about 5.5, but the rest of the kids and I had a blast. (5.5 didn’t complain, but she didn’t laugh too much, either. I think a lot of the humor, plot, etc., were lost on her.) Most frequent complaint from the kids, generally as we arrived at another cave tour, scenic overlook, picnic area: “Aww! Why did you have to turn off the car?” Thanks for coming along!
Next summer, we’ll probably bring your voice along again. If you want, we can send it a postcard as a memento of the experience. Just e-mail me with a postal address.

Daniel replies:

Possibly 5.5 is a writer, and was aware of the shortcomings in the books.  I think it's pretty weird that you have named your kids numerically.  Are you a member of some new-age cult, or were you perhaps visiting the national park from somewhere else in the galaxy?