Melanie McCarville

August 8, 2015

Post #4079 – 20150808

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
My friend Alyssa Foos has conversed with you over the years. Alyssa suggests I send you a photo I have of lizards on my window. I live in Tucson, Arizona now. I am originally an Albanian (Albany, New York). Lizards are a daily summer sighting in Tucson. I would like to write a book in the future. You are very inspiring. Thank you for being Daniel Pinkwater!!!!!!
%uD83C%uDF34%uD83D%uDC32 Melanie

Daniel replies:

Alyssa Foos is one of my great readers, and may have inspired the title of my yet-unpublished work KAT HATS. No picture of lizards accompanied your message--possibly they escaped through your window. Thank you for thanking me for being me. In turn, may I thank you for being you, an Albanian, and pro-lizard.