Lauren & Stuart

July 30, 2015

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Dear Daniel,
Way back in 1997, a fellow named Jeff asked for your fabulous mashed potato recipe %u2014 but you, tragically, had forgotten it.
Fortunately, my husband wrote it down all those ages ago and we made it every Thanksgiving for decades. Unfortunately, we lost the recipe when we moved. We came to your website hoping to find it, but alas!
So, we searched diligently through all our piles of scribbled recipes and %u2014 alleluia %u2014 we found it!
Here's the ingredients:
2 Leeks
Sun-dried tomatoes
Olive oil
Lemon juice

Bon Appetite ~

Lauren & Stuart

Daniel replies:

Sounds yummy. Thank you. This is another proof of my conviction that if you sit around doing practically nothing for long enough the answer to every question will be revealed.