David Williams

October 28, 2013

Post #3550 – 20131028

Mr Pinkwater.

I worked on a production about 2 years ago ( I record sound for a living). It was my favorite gig that year They just finished it and are now releasing in 30 tiny installments (to begin).


It's sort of a scifi story – mixing live action and animation done by cloud kids in Boston. The writing is lovely and the actor is perfect. I haven't seen more than the 3 of 30 episodes yet. I hope it's good, and that you enjoy it.

PS. My son (now 27) and I have enjoyed your work for years. (I particularly your personal stories eg. about how a scientist and artist can learn by making coffee together.)

Thank you for your time. Best wishes.


Daniel replies:

Please remember to come back and alert us when the installment about  the giant chicken comes up!