Pinkwater reader in Maryland

October 26, 2013

Post #3548 – 20131026

Hi Mr. Pinkwater! You are doing excellent work that I have enjoyed immensely from my childhood until now (a span of more than 30 weird years). Will you ever post an audio version of "Alan Mendelsohn" on your website? (It's one of my favorite books, but I also seem to remember that it's a bit lengthier than most of your other works that you've posted). And as a noted vegeterian, what is your opinion of artichokes? Do you have a favorite method of preparing them?

Daniel replies:

We never did an audio version of Alan Mendelsohn?  This can be rectified.

When I was in 7th grade, a kid invited me to come to his house after school. There he prepared two artichokes in a pressure cooker. I had never seen or heard of artichokes. He also melted some butter and showed me how to dip the leaves and scrape the edible part off with one's teeth. It was an important experience for me. I am not a vegetarian--I am more of a vegetable fan.