Edwin Cohen

October 23, 2013

Post #3546 – 20131023

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I wrote you earlier this year with some concern about the ending of 'Bushman Lives." Your wise answer made me realize that my real enjoyment of what you write is in the characters. It really hit home when I remembered that my other favorite author is Alice Munro, who abruptly ends many of her short stories. She has told all that she needed about that character, so there the story ends. You, likewise, bring characters to life like nobody else! So, write on! (I was thrilled that they re-released Lizard Music in hardcover.)
Sincerely, Edwin Cohen, a great admirer of your writing style

Daniel replies:

Often the ending has sneaked up on me and surprised me.  I will know I am somewhere near the end, but don't know until it has happened...that it has happened.