October 20, 2013

Post #3544 – 20131020

Daniel Pinkwater you're my favorite author. When do you suppose you're going to write another book? Also, I think Lizard Music is the great American novel. That's all!

Daniel replies:

Don't exaggerate.  Lizard Music is ""a"" great American novel.  I mean....Moby Dick, Catch 22, Huckleberry Finn, The Recognitions, The Invisible Man, Slaughterhouse 5, (to mention some not by me).  The last novel I wrote was Bushman Lives, you read that one?  I'm about ready to write another one, but I am waiting for a publisher to come forward with an offer of money upfront to do so.  (Publishers! Contact my agent--we'll give you a good deal.)  If that doesn't happen fairly soon, I may do the whole thing online in serial form, possibly as it's being written.  Watch this space.