Neil Paananen

October 23, 2013

Post #3547 – 20131023

Hey Daniel. I had a question I've been wanting to ask since reading Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars years and years ago. Was the Bermuda Triangle Chili Parlor based on a real place? It always seemed like a restaurant I wanted to discover, that had the best chili and cocoa in the world. If it wasn't based on a real place (or one that is no longer in existence), what place have you found that serves the best chili and/or cocoa? Thanks! — Neil

Daniel replies:

It was based on a real place in a strange city where I was for only a day--it was a Sunday, and the place, in the business district,  was closed.  I can remember it clearly to this day.  I liked the look of it so much!  And I was sure, when they were open, they served the best chili ever.  (Anyone who is trying to figure out how fiction is written should print out this paragraph and keep it.)