Melody Paquette

March 29, 2013

Post #3354 – 20130329

Love your books and how you read them. Call me sick, but I would pay you fifty bucks to sit in front of a bunch of kids from Barney and Friends and read the first two pages of Young Adult Novel, with a lot of close ups of the five-year-old kids reacting in dismay as you read the whole thing. Then Barney trying to interrupt the whole thing to start up a singalong. But unknown to him, the song has been changed to Nirvana’s %u201CFrancis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle%u201D . You pick up a mic and join the kids in a merry hopping dance and sing
with the closing titles rolling down. That’s called TV history in the making.

Daniel replies:

You're sick.  Incidentally, don't mess with Barney.  That's not a costume.