Jill Lucas

March 25, 2013

Post #3348 – 20130325

Thank you. My eleven year old daughter just loves your books! She became hooked with “Adventures of a cat-whiskered girl.” She bought Yggyssey, but said she can’t read that until she gets the other book, The Neddiad (which she is currently looking for). She’s also looking for Escape to Dwerg Mountain. You’ve made a huge difference in a child’s life! She was already turned onto reading, but to keep her turned onto reading at this age and with all of the technology says quite a bit! You ROCK, as she would say! Thank you!

Daniel replies:

Thank you.

Tell your eleven year old daughter that the books can be read in any order.  I planned it that way.  Also, Escape to Dwerg Mountain doesn't exist at this time.  Bushman Lives! exists.  The Neddiad is my favorite, no, maybe Bushman Lives! is my favorite.  I don't know.

I rock.