Sam Lindsay-Levine

January 6, 2013

Post #3243 – 20130106

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

I was just looking for a way to spend some Amazon gift certificates I got for my birthday, and remembered the book Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars, a treasure from my childhood. I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the various types of atomic chili and Lemurian lore, but I found to my dismay that there is no ebook (i.e., Kindle, epub, etc.) version of Alan Mendelsohn or (even better) the “5 Novels” compilation for sale!

Are there any plans for there to be an ebook version? Can I sign up on a waiting list? Is my only option to buy the hardcopy, and train a parrot to read it and type the book into a word processor? I hope not, because those things can only hunt-and-peck and their WPM is terrible.



Daniel replies:

We are just getting around to creating e-books.  So far Jill's wonderful CLOUD HORSE has been kindled.   I think some of my recent novels may be available, put out by the publishers--you could look into that.  Older titles, may come along in time. Certain Panamanian parrots are known for superior transcription skills, but you'd need to find one that has been to a reputable business school.