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January 14, 2013

Post #3247 – 20130114

Dear Mr. Pinkwater, thanks so so much for bringing “Worms” to your podcasts! It remains one of my favorite of your books, I love it so very much, even after 25 years since I first read it. All the best to you, and thanks again! ps – any plans to bring Yobgorgle to the podcasts anytime in the future? I really really love that one too! And what about Alan Mendelsohn?

Daniel replies:

Right.  A quick look at the audio archives in the podcast section of this website informs me that we have not done Yobgorgle, so sure--we'll do it.  And thanks.  It is neat that having done so many books, over such a long time, and deliberately trying to forget them as much as possible, I get to have fun reading them for the podcast.