Cathy Palmer

December 30, 2012

Post #3240 – 20121230

Dear Mr. Pinkwater, I hope this note finds you and yours well. I’m writing to ask if you might recall the name of a children’s picture book from the 1950s (I read it in the late 50’s but don’t know when it was originally published) about animals from around the globe. My recollection is that there was a picture of a globe on the hard cover with animals dancing around it in a circle, and inside, the pages showed a map of a continent, with pictures and names of the animals that inhabit that place. It was where I first saw the word “emu” and other such words. I’ve tried googling titles like “dancing around the globe” or the like, without success. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could direct me in this matter. Meanwhile, thank you for all you do! Sincerely, Cathy Palmer, an NPR listener in Los Angeles, California.

Daniel replies:

You know....I think I remember that book!  Not the name of it, just seeing it.  Sorry not to be of the least help.

You might want to try BookSleuth. -- Webmaster Ed