December 28, 2012

Post #3236 – 20121228

In this age of multiple publishing formats, what’s the best way to buy a book if you want the author to get the biggest possible cut of the dough? Is it still buying it in hardcover during its initial print run? Does buying it electronically–say, on a Kindle or something–mean the author gets less? (Maybe this is a question for the “Talk to DP’s Accountant” forum.)

Daniel replies:

I'm not qualified to answer your question, so I will tell you a story.   I once got a check from a well-known publisher in the amount of 38,000 dollars, with a letter saying, Here are royalties for such and such a book for the past 9 years.  Sorry these are late but, um, see, we lost your address.  It so happened I had read in the business section of a news magazine that this particular publisher was selling off some of its divisions, so naturally outside accountants had been called in.  About this time I also heard that some other authors also got big and unexpected checks.

Did you know that CLOUD HORSE by Jill Pinkwater is now available in a Kindle edition?  Very good book.  I think everyone should order it.  You can get Kindle books on your PC, did you know that?