Richard Coldwell Hilscher ll

September 30, 2012

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September 27, 2012
Dear Daniel Pinkwater,
My name is Richard Coldwell Hilscher ll. I am in seventh grade at Boothbay Region Elementary School, which is in Maine. I enjoy math, science, reading, snowboarding, singing, dancing, playing the drums, playing the guitar, acting, jumping on the trampoline, sleeping, and writing. I am extremely short, being only 55%u201D. My best friend would probably be Jay Robert Hasch.
If you already read Jay%u2019s email you would know that we both enjoyed your book, The Neddiad. We both read it for a school project. The best part was when the fat space cops came because I was actually nervous for Neddie. I also liked it when they were on the plane and Sandor Eucalyptas pulled out the gun because it was exciting.
I only have one question for you. Why were the fat space cops only in one scene? It would have been funny if they were in more than one scene! Thank you so much for writing such an amazing book. I hope you write a sequel! If you do, I think you should make the fat space cops more important. I hope you respond soon!
Richard Coldwell Hilscher ll

Daniel replies:

Thanks for the good idea.  I could write a book titled Fat Space Cops.  Check with your friend about the sequels--three so far.