October 5, 2012

Post #3137 – 20121005

My wife and I read the Wuggie Norple Story to our daughter Miranda before bedtime on many occasions. It was one of her favorite books because of the character names and of course the story itself! Thank you for such wonderful memories.

My daughter now has a daughter of her own and went looking for a copy and learned it was out of print. She found a used copy on-line and when it arrived she found the spine was old and dry and the pages were coming loose. She scanned it and I am now n th eprocess of printing and laminating each page to make a copy my granddaughter can actually use.

Wuggie Norple is a wonderful story and more than worth the effort. Thank you again for giving my family such fond memories and for the future memories we will have!

David Skidmore
Charlotte, MI USA

Daniel replies:

Maybe we can make a Wuggie Norple e-book by and by.  Meanwhile, I applaud and am flattered by your home-brew book-making.