Holmes S.

September 27, 2012

Post #3131 – 20120927

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I am a humongous fan of yours. I discovered you a little more than a year ago, and you have been the unchanging top of my favourite authors list ever since. When I saw that you went to Bard College, I started mentally freaking out. I go to a Music Prep program at the Conservatory, playing viola and sometimes the double bass (the instruments that are played by the weirdest orchestra members.)
My personal favourite of yours is “The Neddiad”, I believe. I love how your writing can be absurd, creepy and heart warming at the same time. When I read “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency” I was feeling so sorry for Henrietta.
I really like the articles in the newspaper about how they messed up the folk tale from “Borgel” to put in the New York State Standardized tests. I wish I had been in that grade! What’s so unusual about eggplants? I am very happy to know that someone important considers those test “Non Sensical”. I have taken them for three years, and I think they’re non sensical too!
I have one question for you: Do you talk as goofy as you write? Because that would be awesome.
Thanks for being the best author in the history of the Universe,
Holmes S.

Daniel replies:

I am not the best author in the history of the universe.  Actually, and you can take this seriously, I am a 2nd rate author.  That is no bad thing, and comparatively uncommon.  I agree with you about The Neddiad.  It got less attention than the book that followed it, which was not as good.  This did not surprise me.  The book which followed that one was better, but not as good as The Neddiad, and the one just coming out, Bushman Lives, may be as good as--I still haven't decided.  As Gulley Jimson said, """"You have to know when you succeed, and when you fail...and why.""""  It took me a while to learn to write goofy.

I freaked out mentally myself when I went to Bard College.  That Bard College no longer exists, in the same way that you are not the same person you were when you wrote your post to this website.

No, I am not going to tell you who Gulley Jimson is.  I will only say the movie is better than the book, which is unusual.