Jay Hasch

September 30, 2012

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September 27, 2012
Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
My name is Jay Robert Hasch. I am in the seventh grade and I go to the Boothbay Region Elementary School in Maine. I like playing sports like basketball, baseball, and cross-country. At the time, I am doing cross-country. Already I have come in 11th place in my first meet and fourth place in my second. My team won both meets. You may have already gotten my best friend Richard Coldwell Hilscher II%u2019s letter. If you have not, then I hate to spoil that he is sending one.
I read your book The Neddiad for a school project. It was great! My favorite part was when Neddie went behind the Hermione Hotel at night and swam in the old abandoned pool and then the gigantic turtle rose out of the water and they somehow talked without using words. I also liked the part where Seamus first pulls the French substitution trick and Sandor takes the jellybean.
I have one question, are coming out with a sequel? Thank you for reading my letter. I hope to hear from you soon. Again, the book was really awesome.

Jay Robert Hasch

Daniel replies:

Sequels, (sort of) to The Neddiad:  The Yggyssey, Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl, Bushman Lives (coming out next month, but you can read it for free on this website).  Boothbay, Maine is a cool place.