Jeanne Landers

July 22, 2012

Post #3054 – 20120722

Recently a friend told me he was going to visit a place called Breton Woods (in Canada or I think?) and images of the wanderings of a certain blue moose came lumbering through my mind of the long ago times (oh, some twenty-something-ish number of years) of reading a favorite story to my daughter. And I excitedly informed my friend, "oh, that's where the blue moose lives!"

When I later mentioned this to my daughter, she mused that she was of the belief that the woods of blue moose tales were somewhere in Maine… though she couldn't recall or dispute that they were called the Bretton Woods, so of course I now have to track this down…

What I discovered is that Breton, actually was from Mr. Breton and not the name of the place, which is described in the book as the great North Woods(?)… So now i have to know please where is the place of the blue Moose adventures.

PS – Thought you might enjoy knowing that when I was cleaning out my house last year and sorting through the collection of my (now grown) children's books, my daughter specially requested that I look for one of her favorites, about the "Blue Moose'. Still got it! 🙂

Daniel replies:

I don't answer questions that are answered, or to which there is a clue in the book.  So I will not tell you.  Bretton Woods is in New Hampshire and has historical significance.  Your daughter seems to have turned out very well.