July 25, 2012

Post #3057 – 20120725

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I’m a big fan of your books. I tried to come up some impressive questions so you’d think I’m cool and interesting, but that didn’t go very well, so here are some questions about things I’m curious about instead.

1. What book or music album have you had the longest? How long have you had it and why have you kept it?

2. What do you do really well, or like a lot, that other people might not know about?

3. Do you think potato salad ought to have eggs in it?

4. What is something you wish to live the rest of your life without?

5. Do you think I’m cool or interesting?

Thanks very much, Mr. Pinkwater. I sincerely hope that you are having a wonderful, happy life.

P.S. Also, pickle juice. Should that be in the sauce-stuff of potato salad? I could have put that up in the question, but I like the idea of postscripts in electronic media.

P.P.S. Did the bit about postscripts sway you on the cool/interesting front?

Daniel replies:

1. A Sub-Treasury of American Humor, by E.B. and K. S White.
2. I am a fairly good dog-trainer.
3. No. That is excessive. I might favor crumbled bacon, and possibly cilantro, however.
4. Female news-hosts on cable TV.
5. I think you are cool _and_ interesting, but you establish that merely by finding your way to this website.
P.S. 1 Finding more uses for pickle juice is an environmentally interesting idea.
P.S. 2 No. See answer 5.