Mase and Meredith

July 19, 2012

Post #3049 – 20120719

We are a brother (8) and a sister (4) who want to know if Irving and
Muktuk are Bear Number One and Bear Number Three. We have read every
Irving and Muktuk story (except the one about Two Bad Bears and a
Bunny because it is not in our local library), and we still can’t
figure it out. Is there a book that explains this part of the story?

Daniel replies:

Hello Mase and Meredith --

You know, Bear #1 and Bear #3 MIGHT be Irving and Muktuk...or they might be bears who happen to be a lot LIKE Irving and Muktuk. You see, the problem is this: To us humans, polar bears look very much alike. We can tell them apart, but not always. Of course, bears have no trouble knowing who is who. So, if I were a bear, I could definitely answer your question. But there is this...sometimes bears will refuse to answer questions. Besides, I am not a bear. It's complicated, isn't it? I think we have to decide for ourselves if we think Bear #1 and Bear #3 are Irving and Muktuk. You are very good readers to have noticed this problem.