Steve Van Hook

July 16, 2012

Post #3047 – 20120716

I'm a huge fan of your books, particularly the Big Orange Splot and give it out to anyone I can! (Some of my other favorites are Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights; Borgel – I think the classic line was something like "never bet on an eggplant" – and The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death.)

I recently started playing around with songwriting for fun (my day job is a physics teacher) and one of my first projects was to make a song out of "Big Orange Splot" because I loved it so much. If you have any interest in seeing/hearing it, I'd love to share it with you. I tried to stick as close as possible to your text, with just a few changes to fit in into the song form. (I see elsewhere on your website mention of other songs written based on your books.) I've never played the song for anyone but my son (who also loves the book), but before I were to share it with anyone else, I'd want to get your permission.

Either way, I wanted to say how much I love your books and hearing you on NPR!

Daniel replies:

Webmaster Ed and I are discussing a project of which the working title is ""Captain Pinkwater's Amateur, Outsider Art and Felaffel Hour,"" which will be combined with his Orthomolecular Podiatry and Circumcision clinic.  (Just now we are arguing about whether it would be considered proper practice to have a tip jar.)  But in the meantime we can just put links to expressions in song on this part of the website.  Take it away, Ed!