Nora Bloch

July 14, 2012

Post #3045 – 20120714

My husband and I first heard you when you and Scott Simon did that wonderful show and read Lizard Music. Since then we have had two children and avidly gobble up anything we can find of yours. My oldest, who is 9, is lucky enough to go to a dual immersion school – learning all subjects in English and Spanish. Finally – here is my question. We have a bit of a hard time getting him to read books in Spanish for fun. He said he would read anything of yours that is in Spanish. I have been trolling various used book sites and our library but have not had any luck finding any spanish translations – have any been done? If not, that is a shame. Thank you for your help and for all your wonderful stories. We also quite adore your essay on Sandwiches, that we heard in a podcast last year.

Daniel replies:

Thank you for all the nice remarks.  Getting books published in translation is pretty much out of this author's hands--in fact when independent translators come forward wanting to do it, the publishers tend not to cooperate.  Some of my books do appear in other languages, but how that comes about is a mystery to me.  There is something with a bit of Spanish planned for a forthcoming podcast on this website, and having heard it you may want to get hold of the book, but there isn't a whole lot of meat.  Your son appears to go to a cool school.