Diane Nosnik

July 12, 2012

Post #3037 – 20120712

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My husband is a Mexican Jew who is fluent in Yiddish! You can imagine how much we have enjoyed reading Beautiful Yetta to our grandaughter! And although he is Mexican, he does an outstanding Puerto Rican accent!!! I thought you might enjoy hearing him read it! If so, please send us an email and he will email you a reading-accents and all! Thanks for the wonderful book! We are looking forward to more yiddish/spanish books! thanks, Diane Nosnik

Daniel replies:

Oh, send it here to this website so everyone can enjoy it! Another Yetta story with Yiddish and Spanish (also English), is even now being beautifully illustrated by the Great Jill.

Stay tuned to hear this special rendition of """"Beautiful Yetta"""" on the Pinkwater Podcast! -- Ed