Jenna Gausman

March 18, 2012

Post #2798 – 20120318

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater! I get the distinct pleasure of reading “Blue Moose” to my son’s second grade class this coming Friday as part of Junior Great Books. I had a quick question. Can you please let me know where “Blue Moose” took place, what state or part of Canada? I like to include Geography into my lesson. And were any of your characters in “Blue Moose” taken from people in your life in the mid-70’s? And last question, do you listen to any particular genre of music when you write or what type of music do you think would be played at Mr. Breton’s restaurant? Thank you so very much! Jenna

Daniel replies:

Well, of course it takes place in a book--it's a work of fiction, you know. But, in fact, there was a real Mr. Breton on whom the character is based, and there is a hint about the location contained within the book. I'm not going to tell you what or where it is--maybe you can find it. I have an old recording of Music of the Rain Forest Pygmies, and I always play it while writing. It's real toe-tapping music.