Jennifer Will

March 20, 2012

Post #2799 – 20120320

Hello Daniel!

I just wanted to let you know how much my 7 year old son Colin loves your books and audio CD’s. So far “The Big Orange Splot” is one of his favorites and we just ordered “Wallpaper From Space”, which he also immensely liked.

He especially enjoys hearing the audio CD of “Lizard Music” and requests it each night when he goes to sleep. He’s heard it countless times, but never gets tired of it (excuse the pun!) I think your voice lulls him to sleep Tonight I put on “Looking for Bobowicz”, which just arrived from Amazon. He was very excited to listen to yet another of your marvelous stories.

Thank you, you are a wonderful children’s author and my husband Chris is also a big fan of yours when he used to listen to you on NPR.

Kind Regards,
The Will Family (Jennifer, Chris, and Colin)

Daniel replies:

That is a pretty nice thing to read first thing in the morning! My whole idea is to write things I would have liked when I was 7, (8,9,26,40, etc.), on the presumption that some other people those ages might like them too. I love hearing that it works!