Tommy Salami

March 18, 2012

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Just finished reading the ArtsySmartsy Club book (2005). Daniel Pinkwater , you have the perfect attitude to be an art instructor at our Girdwood Fine Arts Camp. It is unfortunate that you do not travel by air. The Arts Camp is in the summer so dog sled travel is out too.

Is there a complete list of the books you have written?

Your biggest fan from Alaska,

Tommy SalamiZCGGU

Daniel replies:

Mr. Salami!

I was an art instructor until I found a way to make a living without being directly exposed to children and the many germs and virii. I would like to visit Alaska in the summer to find out whether the mosquitos in New Jersey are really worse. I think there is a fairly complete list of books to be found somewhere around this website.

Please do not send me any mosquitos