Wendy McManus

August 28, 2011

Post #2733 – 20110828

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
Yes, I am always working on my collection of copies,and annoying as many people as I can by constantly praising your work….how did you know??
My daughter has just loaned out our oldest copy of Worms again, in order to show a new friend the wonders of DP! I have another stashed away just in case….And my mother was praising you again just yesterday as she has recently reread Alan Mendelsohn for the hundredth or so time, and swears each time it is a masterpiece, and her ultimate favorite! We all regret the recipe for Green Death Chili can only be written in the sand…and we still aspire to recreating the true flavor of Fleegix, we always eat the orange popsicles first, and I sorely wish I could try a Dr. Pedwees grapefruit/lime!
Are there transcripts or recordings of Chinwag Theater available anywhere? Why are such good things so short lived?
We are all looking forward to Bushman Lives! And the five other books in the works….I have already spotted one so far on Amazon for preorder.
I think it is terrible your books have gone out of print so fast when they are so obviously considered true classics by so many of us!
Did I somehow miss the sequel to Lizard Music? If it was ever published, what was the title?
We recently read a youth novel called Chicken Dance and highly suspect the author to be a fan of yours….? Hmmn…
Thank you again for your wonderful stories!!!
I can still remember the first book of yours I discovered in the library at the age of 9, an orange and blue hardback of Fat Men From Space, and I had just gotten my braces….We think you are amazing!!!
Wendy M.

Daniel replies:

I knew I must have some readers somewhere. I have gotten so I like that so many of my books go out of print so quickly. I remember a nice teacher at college who said his greatest regret was having read all the plays of Shakespeare when he was young--leaving him unable to anticipate reading one that was new to him for the rest of his life. Think about it--someday you might run across a copy of Pete the Pestiferous Polecat, or I Snarked with a Zombie, or Howard Goldberg Frontiersman.