September 16, 2011

Post #2736 – 20110916

Mr. Pinkwater: I remember hearing you reflect on Bard College and your college experiences and you ended the essay by remarking that as you drove away from Bard you noticed a smile on your face, a smile that has never left. Or something along those lines.

Am I misremembering this or does this essay have a name and exist somewhere?

Thank you.

Daniel replies:

I imagine it exists.....somewhere. If I were going to look for it, I might start with the collection HOBOKEN FISH & CHICAGO WHISTLE, (Xlibris), but I don't guarantee it's in there. In total, I recorded between 600 and 700 ""commentaries"" for the radio program All Things Considered, before staff changes made doing that no longer enjoyable. Some are here, some are there--some I remember clearly...others....