September 23, 2010

Post #2641 – 20100923

Hi Mr. Pinkwater. My name is Natalie. I am 8 in the 3rd grade. My mom said I could use her computer to write you. I just read the Big Orange Splot at school. I was talking to my teacher about what you rote about my house is my dream, my house is the place I like to be. i was thinking…did you know that the first letter for each word in the title The Big Orange Splot could also stand for To Be Our Selves??? I think that is what your book is all about. My teacher told me to write you and ask if you thought about that when you wrote the book. Please write me back. thank you, Natalie

Daniel replies:

No! I did not think of it! But you did! This is the neat thing about reading (and writing). The book is not finished until someone reads it, and it matters more what you think it is about than what I thought (if anything) when I wrote it. You are a cool reader--just the kind I like! Read more books and have more smart thoughts.