September 22, 2010

Post #2640 – 20100922

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My teacher and I just finished reading your book, “Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars.” We really enjoyed it. It had some really, really funny moments in it, like when Dr. Prince thinks he’s going crazy, and starts saying, “Crazy as a coot!” I liked it that Alan and Leonard were such good friends and had adventures together. I was pretty sad when Alan Mendelsohn went to Mars and Leonard was alone again. It made me feel better when Leonard realized that he had learned to be more comfortable with himself and more confident, and made some other friends at school, and didn’t pretend he wasn’t smart anymore. And I was extremely happy when he got the letter from Alan Mendelsohn inviting him to visit “The Bronx.”

Can you please write a sequel to the book? I really want to find out what happens when Leonard goes to visit Alan Mendelsohn on Mars.


Daniel T

Daniel replies:

I don't usually write sequels in the ordinary sense, but sometimes characters from books of mine turn up in other books--if you liked Alan Mendelsohn, there may be other books of mine you will like. Try The Neddiad, for example.