Dave Purscell

September 27, 2010

Post #2642 – 20100927

This week our community struggles to recover from a flood that literally split our city in two (www.owatonna.com/news.php?viewStory=120943). My family was luckier than many. Some lost their homes. We only had to deal with 6″ of raw sewage in our basement. Fortunately, we were already preparing to move to our new home just two days later, so we already had a place to go. Unfortunately, those preparations included piles of boxes…in the basement.

What does that have to do with DP (aside from it also being my initials)? As we opened the smelly, soggy boxes to save what we could, I found one of my most prized posessions…Rainy Morning. It was, of course, “dripping wet”. It smelled a bit, but I put it out in the sun to dry. Hopefully we will still be able to share it with the next generation of readers in our family. In the meantime, I will just settle down with my wife, my sons, our two dogs, a couple of birds, a free ranging house chicken, and perhaps a random wildebeest or a long dead composer…and enjoy a Corn Muffin.

Daniel replies:

You are not the first person to tell me a book of mine stinks. I visited Minnesota once, (there were floods), and the thought occurred to me that one needs a sense of humor to live in that state. May you never run out of corn muffins.