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September 13, 2010

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Hello again, Mr. Pinkwater…it’s that tattoo guy.

I think I should have mentioned that I clock in at 33 years old. I first read Lizard Music about 20ish years ago. (I know, it makes me feel old, too.)

That book blew my mind. It had an enormous influence on my own desires to produce art, be it writing or truly, horrifically bad drawings that usually involve stick figures.

Short version: I wouldn’t get anything tattooed on me that I wouldn’t be comfortable enough to have forever. I figure that speaks highly of your book, poorly of me, or a strange mixture of the two. No, it’s definitely the former.

I completely, totally, and utterly respect your views on the tattoo, so lemme just ask this: if I still get one that’s Lizard Music related, would you like to see a photo when it’s done?



Who always, always wanted to be Victor, and is finally starting to feel like he is

Daniel replies:

I would not--but morbidly curious visitors to the website probably would.