Michael Caballero

September 14, 2010

Post #2638 – 20100914


Not only am I ashamed to even begin to type this request, but I am also embarrassed, but what the hell…I’m desparate for a small piece of my teen age years back in the 80’s and in a desparate and frenzied attempt to find this particular piece of 80’s memories, I came across the following posting in a forum on one of the many pages I’ve scanned through, that referenced Mr. Pinkwater…here is that posting, “imagine my surprise, then, to find out how the story ended. he had found mention of the watch in a forum dedicated to the writer daniel pinkwater, and wrote to him, asking if (1) pinkwater had the watch and (2) could he please have it. here’s the amazing thing: DP actually GAVE him the watch!” So what is this piece of memorabilia that I had no idea meant so much to me, until I couldn’t find one for sale on the internet, that meant so much to me that I have my poor 59 year old mother searching through box after box in her closet to see if she happened to have kept it since 1989? It is a Casio Twin-Graph AE-20W watch. Should Mr. Pinkwater happen to have another one, and feel like simply “giving” yet another one away…I would be more than happy to take it with a smile and a wish to the karma gods that if Mr. Pinkwater is still alive…that something extremely good happens to him!! Thank you for reading, and posting this…if you choose to do so.


Mike C.

Daniel replies:

Amazing this post should come in just now! I _did_ have another one of those Casio watches! Brand-new in the box it was. Battery was dead of course. I was cleaning out the storage room just this past weekend, and came across it. I may have bought it as a present for someone and never gave it, or maybe I just picked it up at the drug store 'cause it was such a neat watch. Anyway, I dropped it with a lot of other stuff into one of those big collection boxes for the Salvation Army. Amazing coincidence, what?