Charles Bricker

September 12, 2010

Post #2636 – 20100912

Thank you my man! I am going to make some vegetable soup! I love vegetables.

Yes I concur. The president before this one was a real schmoe! I am not so thrilled with this one either.

OK as it is Sunday I have no school and so I think I will go bike riding to Lincoln park.

BTW I adore Chicago Hot dogs and can usually put away 4. But now with the vegetable soup 2 might suffice.

Daniel replies:

I am from Chicago, as you must know, and have lived long. This is because I have always treated those hot dogs with the respect you would give a loaded gun. Today, knowing what I know, I would not touch one with a barge pole. Of course if you delete the weenie, you get.....veggies!