July 31, 2009

Post #2522 – 20090731

Sir Pinkwater,

The eve of the apocalypse draws near! Of course, thy absolution of the time coordinates be welcom’d. Thou art invited to the coming of Magus (transportation thine) on the third day of May, year 2500AD.

It is mine humble request that thou courier a script of “Alan Mendelsohn” to any time in the year of 1999AD, as it were lost in mine continuum.

A thousand “thank-yous” from the children at Chandler Elementary School, located in Charleston, West Virginia, circa 1991AD.

Prithee well,

Simply, Frog

Daniel replies:

Frog? Is this you, Frog? You who borrowed money from me on another existential plane, and then disappeared? Wow! I thought I would never hear from you again. I'm forwarding your email to the Time Police.