July 29, 2009

Post #2521 – 20090729

I already asked a question on behalf of my dog, so this one is from me:

Also regarding the Blue Moose:

Did the Moose mingle?



–Please Note–

I have to fawn: You are the exemplar for what may be the most important quality in a writer of any stripe…many can be funny…several can be entertaining…but scant few writers have the ability to be interesting (you got all three, Mr. Pinkwater).

Daniel replies:

Moose are not known for mingling. I myself have mingled, insofar as that is possible, with moose. I found it exciting, and interesting. My dogs at the time, Malamutes, found it terrifying and would have nothing to do with it. They may have known more than I did. You have to fawn? What are you, a deer? And why would we want to know such personal stuff?