Brad Sondahl

August 2, 2009

Post #2523 – 20090802

Having worked too hard as a children’s librarian for the last year, a gig now ended, only recently did I find time to read The Yggyssey, clearly an instant classic, if difficult to spell correctly. I imagine in the year 2121, if anyone still has any fun, students will be required to read the Yggyssey and the Neddiad. It will no doubt be available in an annotated edition, since by then many may not get the many literary allusions, such as the Wanda gag, which I in my childish way, did immediately. Maybe you next want to tackle Shakespeare, such as Omelet, the Chicken Disaster of Denmark.

Daniel replies:

How can it be fun if they're required to read it? Annotated? Nisht du gedacht!