Mike Sweetman

February 22, 2009

Post #2473 – 20090222

Wow, I was driving home and cought car talk on NPR. I heard them mention DP and it brought back memories of grade school in Hoboken Nj and sending pennies for WHITE CASTLE burgers to DP. Im 36 now and live upstate. I never knew what you did with all those pennies. Im trying to remeber the teachers name but I cant. Anyway, jusat thought I would comment and see if you remeber anything about that. It had to be in the early 80s..Glad you found a car to fit into..Mike

Daniel replies:

Wait a second! I never got any pennies for White Castle hamburgers or heard a thing about it! Your teacher was ripping you off, and getting the hamburgers for himself! How typical of Hoboken! It is just as well--those belly-bombers will kill you.