Boa Olivia Pinkwater aka Zephyr Ava

February 23, 2009

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I belong to a book club and I was the book choser this month. I chose The Neddiad so we could indoctrinate a future new member – Milla – age 10 (IQ 426). I read my first Pinkwater way back when I was still an old gal. It was Lizard Music – one of the best books of all time past, present and, of course, future. Now I’m a much, MUCH older gal and I still read your books.

BTW – those names above are fake. I don’t know if you could tell that or not. After we read Lizard Music we started our very own Pinkwater Society. As a member we had to take Pinkwater as our own. I think Boa Olivia Pinkwater was quite clever since it also had a reptilian reference. And the acronym was BOP. Although I must say that Avaritious suits me a little better (and you’d say the same if you ever met me).

Anyway, in closing and in conclusion, I just wanted to let you know that a bunch of long-timers were reading your book for our book club. And there was much excitement about getting to read a book by you. Book club tonight. I’m making Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake….


Daniel replies:

I suppose book clubbing is a better idea than clubbing authors. Still, it is sad to think of innocent little books being whacked with clubs. I wish you would find a less violent literary activity. I hope the grapefruit cake was good.