December 7, 2008

Post #2454 – 20081207

That’s a loaded question, what do I have to say for myself? Quite a lot actually but you would lose interest soon after I started and probably wander off to find a better message to read.

Recently while waiting for a doctor’s appointment I perused the only magazine avaialble, half heartedly, because it was geared towards parents…of children. (I make that distinction because I am a parent…of 3 schnauzers) And then I came across your name, and Marc Brown’s at the botoom of a page and that stopped me. Anything you have to say deserves stopping, and well I am a D.W. type personality so am drawn to Mr. Brown’s characters. You and several others had given quotes on story telling. Yours stuck with me…at least the spirit of it…and now it would be wonderful to quote you in this essay about story telling and legends and myths through the ages and cultures but of course I’ve no idea what the name of the magazine was will not be back at that office anytime soon and can not remember the wording of the quote exactly enough to wing it.

I understand that I will probably not get a reply in time to help my essay I am working on for Lit. class but it is driving me mad because I can not find it.

In looking for the quote I found your website and have started reading The Yggssey, what a geat way to read a new book! And I am thrilled about the podcasts because as wonderful as the books are hearing you read, tell stories or generally be interviewed is a gift unto itself. Even Bertie Wooster Giant Schanuzer Terrorist in training (I mean who knew one dog could do so much damage?) will stop and listen with us when you are on NPR.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Daniel replies:

I don't have a clear idea about that to which you refer, but it is likely to be something in Wonder Time, a magazine to which I contribute, but do not read because, as you say, it is for parents...of children. It seems possible that they who employ me asked for a quote for some article--for free--and I sent them something, possibly even in my own words. I am nice like that. I hope this has been of some small help to you in your pursuit of the study of literature (?)