December 2, 2008

Post #2359 – 20081202

Hi Mr. P,

My very first Pinkwater experience was when I found ‘Lizard Music’ literally lying in a field. I was 13, and it has remained one of the best books I have ever read. It has always been my favorite of yours, and I was really surprised to hear you say it was your best work on an interview I heard 2 days ago. ( yes, I know it didn’t happen 2 days ago, but in my world it did!)

What was exciting was to hear you say you have written a book that you now feel is even better: ‘THE NEDDIAD’ and best of all- it’s free online. So you can imagine my complete and utter dismay as I can’t figure out where it is. When I “google” it I’m told I can buy it, but nowhere can I find the place to just read it. If I need to buy it I will, but I loved the idea of you putting it up as a rough draft, and being able to read it warts and all. I was excitedly

anticipating printing it all out and reading it all, preferably on my back with a bowl of popcorn balanced on my belly. this arraignment works for both my dog and I, as I am messy. But here’s the rub- I can’t find the story. Is it gone forever, or am I just not looking in the right universes?

Your guidance would be wonderful, and it gives me the added bonus of the ability to actually brag that I kinda sorta spoke to you. Thanks for whatever help you can give and thanks making the world a more interesting place!


Daniel replies:

First of all, finding a book literally lying in a field is neat! Imagine if you found a book lying in a field, and then discovered there were no other copies extant, and no record or knowledge of that book anywhere on earth. And then your copy disappears or ascends into the sky, and you start a religion...wait, I think this story has been done, more than once. As to The Neddiad online, it's the 2 year phenomenon that's happened to you before--it was online a chapter a week for like 79 weeks, free of charge, and with the compliments of the author and the publisher. But once it was finished, we took it off. (This is not to say that it isn't still up in some kind of unofficial way somewhere -- but if it is, I don't know how to find it). So, if you want to read it you will have to buy a copy or check it out at the library. Meanwhile, on this very website, we will be serializing the sequel, The Yggyssey, and there are audio books for free in the oodcast/audio archives section, including a serialized...yes!...Lizard Music!