Devin Trudell

December 15, 2008

Post #2455 – 20081215

Mr. Pinkwater,

I wasn’t aware until now you were well-known or did radio commentaries, but I looked you up on the web because I checked out your book Lizard Music again and again from the library when I was a kid. I am kind of sad to see your mention that Lizard Music has been optioned for a movie, not because it wouldn’t make a great movie, but because I would have loved to try to make it into a movie myself. Ah, well. I don’t really make movies, anyway, but I would’ve had a passion for this thing.

At the least let me tell you which music I feel sure would make great ‘Lizard Music’ . . . about 10 years ago there was a set of Ethiopian popular music put out called ‘Ethiopiques’ and volume 4 of that series which consists of dreamy, jazzy, instrumentals, would be perfect. Really.

peace, Devin Trudell

Daniel replies:

I think I have heard that music. It is a good suggestion. But, if indeed the movie gets made it will be someone else's chance to have fun with the idea, as I have, and you have. This is the neat thing about writing stuff and seeing it published. Anybody who wants can make it their own.