Martin Macaroni

June 8, 2008

Post #2414 – 20080608

Hi D.P.

Any chance that some of your out of print pictures books might find a home online? Like scanned into some kind of a slide-show format or something, they are lots of fun and make great read alouds and they could be used in classrooms that have projectors.

I do think that it’s kind of fun to search for them used, although some are really expensive for non-book collector types (I’m really curious to read ‘the Terrible Roar’ since it’s the first one you wrote but it’s like 40 something dollars in ‘acceptable condition). I for one would rather pay you something to download them…

Also which of your out of print books would YOU most like to see available in print and which (if any) are you happy to see forgotten?

Love the books, thanks for them!

Keep em’ coming please!

Daniel replies:

Lots of stuff, in-print and out-of-print, is available free in audio form right here on this website. Look around! Except for two or three books, which I will not name, I wouldn't mind seeing all the O-O-P ones come back...and some have, and some will! When society and the economy collapse, I will download books one by one, or come to your house and tell the story in exchange for a chicken dinner.