Kim Stryker

June 9, 2008

Post #2415 – 20080609

Oh boy. I was just telling my husband about how I came to a booksigning you did at the Cheshire Cat bookstore in D.C. when I was in 6th grade with my best friend. We were entirely obsessed with your books and had started a DADA club -of which we were the only members.

Anyhoo, the bookstore gave you an umbrella as a gift and you accepted it by opening it and then slowly closing it over your own head. Then you just sat there for a few moments as umbrella-head man. My friend and I applauded and shouted “Bravo!”.

I have a photo of my friend and I on either side of you that I saved and kept in my grade school suitcase, which is appropriately plaid.

Because of your books, I had confidence as a kid that I could keep seeing the world in my own squirrel-y way, because someday I would find others who were like me. And because of that I was open to Fellini and Duchamp and all the other great weirdos.

I am re-reading your books as I can find them. And as my friends are all starting to have kids, I pass them on. Keep up the good works!


p.s. My cellphone ring is a chicken squawking.

Daniel replies:

I wonder where that umbrella is. You didn't happen to take a picture of me using it to protect myself while taking a mini-siesta at that D.C. bookstore? Thank you for the complimentary and nostalgic posting.