Marcus Eliyahu Mann

June 7, 2008

Post #2413 – 20080607

Dear Daniel:

There should have been a warning on the radio box: “Never drink Pinkwater and listen at the same time.” … After laughing till I SNORTED, I then heard you champion that wonderful children’s book about the bear and the mouse! I have written a brief and ALSO wonderful children’s book, The Colorblind Bower Bird, and — Daniel — he CHEEPED inside me when I heard you read.

I do want to send it to you. I ask you, with all due humility-covered chutzpah (and vice versa):

Will you read it? (It’s timespan, truly, is much shorter than its wingspan: Just a few minutes of your time to help the worthy fella out of the nest.) You will not regret it.

Do it for the Bird!

May I please email it to you?

If you love it, I would want your help getting it published and/or into the hands of the right publisher and/or literary agent.

(I know: He’s an ambitious bird, huh?)


THANK YOU for considering giving — at least in my imagination — the great mentoring you have inside you. Thank you for BEING the person I would ask.


Daniel replies:

Sorry, I am prohibited by state law and international convention from looking at unpublished manuscripts...and, my mentoring license is expired.