Anita Schwemmer

June 4, 2008

Post #2412 – 20080604

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I recently read “Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories.” I enjoyed this quasi-autobiography from the doggy point of view tremendously. I was introduced to your work by my older sister (the original Aunt Lulu, no human children, but a house full of huskies) when she was doing her Master’s Thesis on Children’s Picture Books and I have begun to indoctrinate a third generation, my grandchildren, to the wonders of all things Pinkwater.

Here lies my dilemma, your classic picture books such as “The Wuggie Norple Story”, “The Devil in the Drain” and “I Was a Second Grade Werewolf” are all out of print and extremely difficult to find. How about a reprint of these fine literary works so that I can share them with my progeny?


Anita Schwemmer

Daniel replies:

My agent, Jennifer Laughran of the Andrea Brown literary agency is working on it. Meanwhile, many out of print books are available in audio form for free in the Audio Archive, (click on Podcast on the main page), of this very website.